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PrinciplesSection 1. Normal Sleep and Its Variations1History of Sleep Physiology and MedicineDement, William
2Normal Human Sleep: An OverviewCarskadon, MA
3Normal AgingBliwise, Don
4Daytime Sleepiness and AlertnessRoehrs, Timothy, Mary A. Carskadon, William C. Dement, Thomas Roth
5Acute Sleep DeprivationBonnet, Michael
6Chronic Sleep DeprivationDinges, David;Banks, Siobhan
Section 2: Sleep Mechanisms and Phylogeny7Neural Control of Sleep in MammalsMcGinty, Dennis; Szymusiak, Ron
8REM SleepSiegel, Jerome
9Phylogeny of Sleep RegulationTobler, Irene
10Sleep in Animals: A state of adaptive inactivitySiegel, Jerome
Section 3. Genetics of Sleep11IntroductionTurek, W. Fred
12Circadian Clock GenesVitaterna, Martha
13Genetic Basis of Sleep in FliesAllada, Ravi
14Genetic Basis of Sleep in RodentsO'Hara, Bruce
15Genetic Basis of Sleep in HumansHans-Peter Landolt; Dijk, Derk-Jan
16Genetic Basis of Sleep-Wake DisordersMignot, Emmanuel;Faraco, Juliette
Section 4. Physiology in Sleep17Relevance of sleep physiology for sleep medicine cliniciansLavigne, Gilles
18What does brain imaging reveal about sleep genesis and maintenance?Nofzinger, Eric;Maquet, Pierre
19Cardiovascular Physiology: Central and Autonomic RegulationVerrier, Richard L.;Harper, Ronald
20Cardiovascular physiology: autonomic control in health and in sleep disordersLanfranchi, Paola; Somers, Virend;
21Respiratory Physiology: Central Neural Control of respiratory neurons and motoneurons during sleepHorner, Richard
22Respiratory Physiology: Understanding the Control of VentilationDouglas, Neil
23Respiratory Physiology: Upper Airway in Normal SubjectsHeinzer, Raphael;Series, Frederic
24Respiratory Physiology: Sleep at High AltitudesWeil, John V.
25SLEEP AND HOST DEFENSEKrueger, James;Majde, Jeannine A.
26Endocrine Physiology in Relation to Sleep and Sleep DisturbancesVan Cauter, Eve; Tasali, Esra
27Gastrointestinal Physiology in Relation to SleepOrr, William C.
28Body Temperatures, Sleep and HibernationKräuchi, Kurt;de Boer, Tom
29Memory processing in relation to sleepPeigneux, Philippe;Smith, Carlyle
30Sensory and Motor Processing during Sleep and wakefulnessPeever, John H.; Sessle, Barry J.
Section 5. Chronobiology31IntroductionTurek, W. Fred
32Circadian Rhythm in MammalsMistlberger, Ralph;Rusak, Benjamin
33Anatomy of the Mammalian Circadian SystemSaper, Clifford;Gooley, Joshua
34Physiology of the Mammalian Circadian SystemRosenwasser, Alan;Turek, W. Fred
35The Human Circadian Timing SystemCzeisler, Charles;Buxton, Orfeu
36Melatonin and the Regulation of Sleep and Circadian RhythmsGuardiola, Beatrice
37Sleep Homeostasis and Models of Sleep RegulationAchermann, Peter;Borbely, Alexander
38Circadian Rhythms in Sleepiness, Alertness, and PerformanceGoel, Namni; Van Dongen, Hans P. A;.Dinges, David F.
39Animal Models for Disorders of Chronobiology: Whole OrganismDavidson, Alec, J.;Turek, W. Fred
40Animal Models for Disorders of Chronobiology: Cell and TissueKathryn Moynihan Ramsey; Joseph Bass
41Circadian Disorders of the Sleep-Wake CycleReid, Kathryn; Zee, Phyllis
Section 6. Pharmacology42Hypnotic Medications: Mechanisms of Action and Pharmacologic EffectsMendelson, Wallace B.
43Clinical Pharmacology of Other Drugs Used as HypnoticsBuysse, Daniel J.;
44Wake-Promoting Medications: Basic Mechanisms and PharmacologyNishino, Seiji;Mignot, Emmanuel
45Wake-Promoting Medications: Efficacy and Adverse EffectsO'Malley, Mary;Gleeson, Shelagh K.;
Weir, Ian D.
46Drugs That Disturb Sleep and WakefulnessSchweitzer, Paula K.
Section 7. Psychobiology and Dreaming47The historical context and definition of dreamingNielsen, Tore
48The Neurobiology of DreamingPace-Schott, Edward
49Ultradian, Circadian, and Sleep-Dependent Features of DreamingNielsen, Tore A.
50Dream Content: Quantitative FindingsZadra, Antonio;Domhoff, William
51Dream analysis and classification: The reality simulation perspectiveTore Nielsen
52Dreaming in Patients with Sleep DisordersSchredl, Michael
53Dreams and Nightmares in Posttraumatic Stress DisorderMellman, Tom;Pigeon, Wilfred
54Dreaming as a Mood Regulation SystemCartwright, Rosalind
55Why We DreamStickgold, Robert;Wamsley,Erin J.
PracticeSection 8. Impact, Presentation, and Diagnosis56Approach to the Patient with Disordered SleepMalow, Beth A.
57Cardinal Manifestations of Sleep DisordersVaughn, Bradley V.;D'Cruz, O'Neil F.
58Physican Examination of the Sleep PatientAvidan, Alon
59Use of Clinical Tools and Tests in Sleep MedicineChervin, Ronald D.
60Classification of Sleep DisordersThorpy, Michael J.
61Epidemiology of Sleep DisordersPartinen, Markku;Hublin, Christer
62Sleep Medicine, Public Policy, and Public HealthWalsh, James;Dement, William;Dinges, David
63Forensic Sleep MedicineMahowald, Mark W.;Cramer Bornemann, Michel
Section 9. Occupational Sleep Medicine64Introduction to Occupational Sleep MedicineBelenky, Gregory;Akerstedt, Torbjorn
65Performance Decrements during Sleep Loss: Effects of Time Awake, Time of Day and Time on TaskBalkin, Thomas
66Fatigue and Performance ModelingHursh, Steven;Van Dongen, Hans P.A.
67Fatigue, Performance, Errors and AccidentsVan Dongen, Hans P.A.;Hursh, Steven
68Fatigue Risk ManagementGander, Philippa;Graeber, R. Curtis;Belenky, Gregory
69Drowsy DrivingPhilip, Pierre; SAGASPE, P; TAILLARD, J
70Monitoring Sleep and Performance in the WorkplaceMcDonald, Jennifer;Patel, Dipali;Belenky, Gregory
71Shift Work, Shift Work Disorder, and Jet LagDrake, Christopher;Wright, Kenneth
72Sleep Loss in Police, First Responders, and the MilitaryVila, Bryan
73Pharmacological Management of Performance Deficits Resulting from Sleep Loss and Circadian DesynchronyWesensten, Nancy
74Sleep, Stress, and BurnoutAkerstedt, Torbjorn; Perski, Aleksander; Kecklund, Göran
Section 10. Insomnia75Overview of Insomnia: Definitions, Epidemiology, Differential Diagnosis, and AssessmentBuysse, Daniel J.
76Epidemiology and Risk FactorsLichstein, Kenneth L.
77Clinical Assessment, Diagnosis, and OutcomesHarvey, Allison
78Models of insomniaPerlis, Michael; Shaw, Paul; Cano, Georgina; Espie, Colin
79Psychological and Behavioral Treatments I: Description of Treatments and Efficacy DataMorin, Charles
80Psychological and Behavioral Treatments II: Implementation and Specific PopulationsEdinger, Jack
81Pharmacologic Treatment of Insomnia: Benzodiazepine Receptor AgonistsWalsh, James;Roth, Thomas
82Pharmacologic Treatment: Other MedicationsKrystal, Andrew D.
83Treatment Guidelines for InsomniaBuysse, Daniel J.; Michael J. Sateia
Section 11. Neurologic Disorders84Narcolepsy: Pharmacology, Pathophysiology, and GeneticsMignot, Emmanuel
85Narcolepsy: Diagnosis and ManagementGuilleminault, Christian; Cao, Michelle
86Idiopathic HypersomniaBassetti, Claudio;Dauvilliers, Yves
87ParkinsonismTrenkwalder, Claudia;Arnulf, Isabelle
88Sleep and StrokeBassetti, Claudio
89Sleep and Neuromuscular DiseasesCao, Michelle; George, Charles F.P. ; Guilleminault, Christian
90Restless Legs Syndrome and Periodic Limb Movements during SleepMontplaisir, Jacques;Allen, Richard P.;Walters, M.D., Arthur;Ferini-Strambi, Luigi
91Alzheimers Disease and Other DementiasPetit, Dominique;Montplaisir, Jacques;Boeve, Bradley
92Epilepsy, Sleep, and Sleep DisordersShouse, Margaret;Mahowald, Mark W.
93Other Neurological DisordersCulebras, Antonio
Section 12. Parasomnias94Non-REM Arousal ParasomniasMahowald, Mark W.;Cramer Bornemann, Michel
95REM Sleep ParasomniasMahowald, Mark W.;Schneck, Carlos
96Other ParasomniasMahowald, Mark W.
97Nightmares and Other Common Dream DisturbancesNielsen, Tore;Zadra, Antonio
98Disturbed Dreaming as a Factor in Medical ConditionsNielsen, Tore A.
99Sleep BruxismLavigne, Gilles;Manzini, Christiane;Huynh, Nelly
Section 13. Sleep Breathing Disorders100Central Sleep Apnea and Periodic BreathingWellman, Andrew, White, David
101Anatomy and Physiology of Upper Airway ObstructionSchwab, Rich;Remmers, John;Kuna, Sam
102Snoring and Upper Airway ResistanceHoffstein, Victor;Li, Christopher
103Genetics of Obstructive Sleep ApneaRedline, Susan
104Cognition and Performance in Patients with Obstructive Sleep ApneaWeaver, Terri;George, Charles F. P.
105Clinical Features and Evaluation of Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Upper Airway Resistance SyndromeGuilleminault, Christian; Cao, Michelle; Kushida, Clete
106Medical Therapy for Obstructive Sleep Apnea–Hypopnea SyndromeStrollo, Patrick;Atwood, Charles;Givelber, Rachel
107Positive Airway Pressure Treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea-Hypopnea SyndromeGrunstein, Ron; P Buchanan
108Surgical Management for Obstructive Sleep-Disordered BreathingPowell, Nelson;Riley, Robert;
109Oral Appliances for Sleep-Disordered BreathingCistulli, Peter;Ferguson, Kathleen;Lowe, Alan
110Management of Obstructive Sleep Apnea-Hypopnea Syndrome: OverviewPhillips, Barbara;Kryger, Meir
111Sleep in Patients with Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary DiseaseDouglas, Neil
112Restrictive Lung DisordersMasa, Juan Fernando; Kryger, Meir
113Sleep in Patients with Noninvasive Ventilation for Chronic Respiratory FailureLeger, Patrick;Robert, Dominique;Elliott, Mark
114Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Metabolic, and Renal DisordersPolotsky, Vsevolod;Jun, Jonathan;Punjabi, Naresh
115Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Obesity, and Bariatric SurgeryOlson, Eric; Courcoulas, Anita
Section 14. Cardiovascular Disorders116Sleep and Cardiovascular DiseaseJavaheri, Shahrokh
117Sleep-Related Cardiac RiskVerrier, Richard L; Mittleman, Murray A.
118Cardiac Arrythmogenesis during SleepVerrier, Richard L.
119Cardiovascular Effects of Sleep-Related Breathing DisordersSomers, Virend
120Systemic and Pulmonary Hypertension in Obstructive Sleep ApneaYoung, Terry
121Coronary Artery Disease and Obstructive Sleep ApneaHedner, Jan;Franklin, Karl;Peker, Yuksel
122Heart FailureJavaheri, Shahrokh
Section 15. Other Medical Disorders123Sleep and Fatigue in Cancer PatientsSavard, Josée; Ancoli-Israel, Sonia
124FibromyalgiaMoldofsky, Harvey;MacFarlane, Jamie
125Endocrine DisordersGrunstein, Ronald
126Pain and SleepLavigne, Gilles
127Gastrointestinal DisordersOrr, Bill
128Sleep and Renal DiseaseUnruh, Mark;Sanders, Mark H.
Section 16. Psychiatric Disorders129Anxiety DisordersRamsawh, Holly;Stein, Murray B.;Mellman, Thomas
130Mood DisordersBenca, Ruth M.;Peterson, Michael J.
131SchizophreniaBenson, Kathleen;Feinberg, Irwin
132Medication and Substance AbuseRoehrs, Timothy
Section 17. Sleep Medicine in the Elderly133Medical and Psychiatric Disorders and the Medications Used to Treat ThemBarczi, Steve
134Sleep Medicine in the Elderly: Obstructive Sleep ApneaPhillips, Barbara
135Insomnia in Older AdultsShochat, Tomar ; Ancoli-Israel, Sonia
136Neurological ProblemsBliwise, Don
Section 18. Women's Health137Sex Differences and Menstrual-Related Changes and Sleep and Circadian RhythmsBaker, Fiona;O'Brien, Louise; Armitage, Roseanne
138Sleep Disturbances during PregnancyIzci Balserak, Bilgay; Lee, Kathryn A.
139The Postpartum PeriodStremler, Robyn;Wolfson, Amy
140MenopauseLee, Kathryn A; Moe Karen E.
Section 19 Methodology141Monitoring and Staging Human SleepMax Hirshkowitz; S Keenan
142Monitoring Techniques for Evaluating Suspected Sleep-Disordered BreathingHirshkowitz, Max; M Kryger
143Evaluating SleepinessHirshkowitz, Max
144Evaluating InsomniaSpielman, Art; CM Yang; P Glovinsky
145Neurologic Monitoring TechniquesMalow, Beth A.
146Chronobiologic Monitoring TechniquesHerman, John
147ActigraphyStone, Katie L.; Ancoli-Israel, Sonia
148Gastrointestinal Monitoring TechniquesOrr, William C.; Chen,Chien Lin
149Light TherapyTerman, Michael;Terman, Jiuan Su